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[Blog-Updates] 2010 – 01 – 11


We ( Aoi + Kei ) will be changing up a few things. This will still be our project wordpress but we also decide to add more features! We will try to keep everyone update on KPOP & JROCK+JPOP etc…

* Sorry for all the delay in things, a lot of unexpected things happen to both Kei and I. We had to step away for a while to recuperate. But all the matter is that we’re back!

+ Projects
We have a lot more to announce and present to everyone so keep a look out for them.

– Current Projects
Are completed. Thanks to everyone that particpated!

For the extra money we had from the Chain of faith project will be use for another TVXQ related project that we will bring up very soon, so if you donated don’t worry the money is still safe and only used for TVXQ.

– Thus we will have photos soon.

So I am excited to bring these news to you and thanks for following us thus far.

+ Radio

Kei and I are radio DJs over at so be sure to check us out when you get the chance to.

Winter Schedule
Saturday 7pm- 10pm
Sunday 8:30pm -11pm

All time are PST

+ Petition
If you have not sign it yet, what are you waiting for!? seriously lets get the boys of FT Island here to the states!

You can by click the banner on the left side under petition.

We are still make changes and fixing everything so please bare with us and soon enough we will have this up and moving.

Thanks again for everyone support!

Keep a  look out for more updates!

much love & respect,
Aoi + Kei

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