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[Project] Letters from Cassiopiea ~Love Melody~


Our good friends over at O! has a new project! So be sure to check it out if you haven’t read or heard about it yet.

Calling all musically-talented international TVXQ fans! O! has been in contact with the Korean Cassiopeian in-charge of “LOVE MELODY,” their 1st single album.

Brief Introduction of the Love Melody Project:

Members of Cassiopeia have produced a single entitled LOVE MELODY – Letters from Cassiopeia. The title track of this single is called LOVE MELODY. Uniquely, this single is available for purchase. The proceeds from the sales of the single will be given to charity. Every single step in the arrangement of the music, to the writing of lyrics, to the production of the single, it was all made by Cassiopeia. So now, they are moving on to working on a proper album that will be given to TVXQ.

『 Youtube Video – Cassiopeia’s Letter’s Daum Cafe 』

Fortunately for all of us, they have given O! the chance to coordinate this project for the international fans on their behalf. They have agreed to include one song from us, international fans, into the album. We have been told that it would be more meaningful if we joined. ♥


So how is this going to work?

For more information on who to submit compostion to please head over to O! ~ CLICK HERE

☆ What they’re looking for:
– An ORIGINAL composition/music arrangement (without the lyrics)
– Average song length: Around 3:40
– Format: MP3
☆ Deadline: One week from now, 2nd November 2009
☆ PM your Final Composition to:
‘Lovedust – PM or ɐıuɐɯǝǝʇ -PM

We will be assessing all the entries and pick the top 3 best compositions to be sent to our Korean counterpart. You are allowed to send in more than one composition. We know that’s a very tight deadline, but its the date we’ve been given and they need to be on point with their own production schedule. ^^;

Bring out the budding composer in you!

Hopefully you guys take a part in this!

Love & Respect,
Aoi & Kei

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