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[Project] Update~ Jay’s Postcards – complete –



Photos of the whole book.

I know some are blurry and I apologize I been working on this since 1pm and finally finished around 11pm. Many cuts, ink marks, and burn marks while working on this. XD So my hands aren’t really steady right now.

There was another delay since I got worst since the last post. I’m doing much better but not up to the standard that I want to be. The cover, some of the metal words had fallen off and wont stick anymore T-T lame glue gun. But Dreams & Believe were the only words that didn’t fall off. Its a sign everyone! lol

Here are the photos each page from Front to Back. Enjoy! We will be getting it send out by this week. Again I apologize for the delay.

Thanks everyone for participating youre all just amazingly awesome. ❤

~ Aoi

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  1. anh thu permalink
    2009/10/26 11:41 PM

    WOW so pretty!!! i hope he’ll like it 🙂 and i hope he can tell us when he receives it…

  2. Anica permalink
    2009/10/27 12:28 AM

    My letter is not there 😦

  3. Anica permalink
    2009/10/27 12:30 AM

    Oh yes it is, nevermind XD

    • 2009/10/27 12:34 AM

      You scared me there! lol im glad it there. XD

      – Aoi

  4. 2009/10/27 2:17 AM

    Yeeeah ~ i see my “post card” 😀 But mine is very simply compare to the others haha. OMG i’ve forgot that i’ve drawn a pig on it -_-‘ …
    Thank you so much for this project ❤

  5. 2009/10/27 4:03 AM

    Yay!! It’d DONE!! *dances* ^^ Looks absolutely amazing!! I think Jay will LOVE LOVE LOVE it!! I can feel our love, so he must be able to as well, right? XD Thanks so much for all your hard work, girls! *hugs* Such awesome memories to be a part of this. =D

  6. Esther permalink
    2009/10/27 8:33 AM

    WOW! this makes so happy :)the book looks INCREDIBLE! thank you so much Aoi and Kei for all the time and effort you guys put into this! Thank you for giving us the opportunity to provide support for Jay from overseas! ❤ HOTTEST rock hehe. Feel better soon!

  7. 2009/10/29 3:01 AM

    wee…i love it…i love it…kekeke…it’s so nice..i love it…i love it..hee..good job everyone!

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