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[Project] -Update- Re: Chain of Faith..


Hey Everyone!


Thank everyone who have participated and donated!

WE successful reach our goal plus more!

so we have another proposal for you.

with the  extra money we have we decide to make a poll and have you guys make the final decision.

The Final Deicison is Yours! Please choose out of the following…
A.) another gift for each boy. ( individuals gifts to their liking, clothes, hats, accessories… does not have to be the same thing.. etc.)
B.) use for birthday gifts for each boy. ( Junsu is coming up, with Joongie, Minnie & Yunnie coming up also)
C.) future DBSK projects.

View Results

Create a MySpace Poll

If choosing A or B please drop us some suggestions for gifts by either emailing or posting us a comment.

****Everyone that donated will be on the list regardless of how much we went over. XD

once again Thank you to everyone! please vote!!

P.S. If you have sent donation thru snail mail let me know so i can calculate the grand total and see how much we got to spend.

++++ Since we are to probably get another gift for the boys please continue to donate!

Love & Respect,


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  1. 2009/10/22 7:31 AM

    Birthday Gifts sounds nice, but it’s a shame we can’t just send the extra money (switched to won, of course) to Junsu, Yoochun and Jaejoong directly, I’m sure laywers fees for their lawsuit are expensive. /sigh

    Maybe something they each can wear to keep them from getting too sick! Or Health drinks.


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