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[Project] Chain of Faith Re: DBSK ~I Believe…


Fear ends where faith begins.

We want the boys to have a piece of our (the fans) hearts and faith. We must remind them that through thick and thin, we  fans (international, Big East, & Cassies) will always be there for them no matter what. They have always reminded us in so many different ways and words to Always keep the faith. Now it’s our turn to return the favor.

Here is what we propose; we would like to take the time to get all five boys engraved couple rings (couple ring = two rings), which well hang nicely on a chain necklace. Each boy will receive two seperate rings with two different engravings. “Always keep the faith” will be on one ring while the second will have the boy’s full name. For example “Kim Junsu” “Park Yoochun” “Kim Jaejoong” “Shim Changmin” “Jung Yunho.”

Why rings, you might ask? Well, a ring is a circle, which is considered a symbol of unity. It is also the symbol of infinity, without beginning or end, perfect, the ultimate geometric symbol. That is the definition of our love and faith for our boys. That is why we chose rings.

But we can’t do this without you! Please help fund this project and have the boys receive our love, faith, and hearts. Each person who donates will get credit and be placed on a special list that the boys will receive along with the gifts. The list of names will be on special, high quality, decorative paper that will be laminated in order to preserve it.

Inuyasha is the protector our of rings. XD

Goal : $300, which includes all supplies and shipping from USA.

Please check out the recent post. click here. Thanks everyone!

Deadline : December 1, 2009 (if we reach our goal before that, we will order and send the rings sooner)

Donation Options:

PayPal (NOTE: PayPal does take out a small fee when using a debit/credit card)
Concealed Cash (USD – at sender’s risk)
Money Order (USD – at sender’s risk)


Title Subject: Chain of faith – DBSK
Content: The name you want to appear on our list and the amount you will donate.

DO NOT send donations through PayPal using the above email. We will send you the correct address after we receive your initial email to us.

Don’t hesitate to ask questions.
You can always contact us!

Please help to promote this wonderful project by grabbing one of our banners. If you do, please let us know and we can also exchange  links.

<a href=”” target=”_Blank”><img src=””></a&gt;

<a href=”” target=”_Blank”><img src=””></a&gt;

<a href=”” target=”_Blank”><img src=””></a>

<a href=”http://” target=”_Blank”><img src=””></a&gt;

<a href=”” target=”_Blank”><img src=””></a&gt;

<a href=”” target=”_Blank”><img src=””></a&gt;

<a href=”
” target=”_Blank”><img src=””></a&gt;

<a href=”” target=”_Blank”><img src=””></a&gt;

***If there any concerns, issues, or problems let us know. Need help in placing one of the banners send us an email. ❤


Love & Respect,
Kei & Aoi

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  1. cybermuffin18 permalink
    2009/10/05 5:04 PM

    This is an adorable idea. I might be able to spare $2-3 dollars. I ish a poor college student trying to buy her friend a gift for her birthday. D: Would I just send it through paypal to the e-mail given?

    • Kei permalink*
      2009/10/05 5:08 PM

      Even a dollar helps! ❤
      Go ahead and just email that address (with the specified subject line) with your name that you want on our list along with how much you are donating then we'll reply with the paypal address to send the donation to. ^^
      Oh *forgot* do keep in mind that PayPal takes out a small fee these days (less than a dollar, I forget the exact percentage.)

  2. mari permalink
    2009/10/05 6:03 PM

    the amount we donate won’t be on the finalized list that will be sent to the boys will it?

    • Kei permalink*
      2009/10/05 6:44 PM

      Hahaha, no, it won’t! You telling us how much you donate is just for our own records so we can keep track of everything. ^^

      • mari permalink
        2009/10/06 1:43 PM

        ah ok haha great =)
        i’ll definitely be donating as soon as i get my check! <33

        this is a wonderful idea!!!

  3. Bri permalink
    2009/10/06 9:30 AM

    This sounds like a wonderful idea. I might be able to give a few dollars, the time will have to depend on my income though. Being a college student is harsh sometimes.
    You guys are really awesome for making this project.

    • 2009/10/06 3:00 PM

      I totally understand about being a college student it such a pain XD.

      Every penny counts. Thank you for considering to help out the project.

      Go ahead and email with the subject title and content listed above. We will provide the paypal address if using paypal. ❤

  4. 2009/10/06 2:40 PM

    I cant really send much but every penny counts, if I send through paypal i use that email that you have up there?

    • 2009/10/06 3:05 PM

      Awh thank you for considering to help out! yes, so true every penny does count.

      Please email us at with the title subject: Chain of faith – DBSK along with the name you want to appear on our list and the amount you will donate.
      Then we will provide you with the paypal address to send donation to.

  5. debora permalink
    2009/10/10 8:36 PM

    I want to participate but right now I don’t have any money. I’ll send the e-mail around next week or so. It won’t be much but I hope it helps! ^^

    • Kei permalink*
      2009/10/11 4:00 PM

      Bahaha, I just say your other comment below, too. XD
      Thanks so much for supporting us and the boys with this! We’re having such a huge response now, it’s exciting.

  6. simply permalink
    2009/10/10 8:58 PM

    this sounds awesome! i think i could send $5~$10. [thru mail, don’t have paypal]
    I’ll spread the word around =)

    • Kei permalink*
      2009/10/11 4:01 PM

      Oh, thank you for promoting this project! It’s really appreciated.
      Just send an email (if you haven’t already) and we’ll give you the details on where you can send your money to.

  7. 2009/10/10 9:37 PM

    dis is really interesting..
    hope it will be a big success..
    i’ll take the banner to promote dis project..

    • Kei permalink*
      2009/10/11 4:01 PM

      So far, we’re having a huge positive response from this! It’s really exciting to be able to do this for them. And thank you so much for promoting us!

  8. Debora permalink
    2009/10/10 9:46 PM

    You know what guys? F*** it.
    I’m sending you 10 dollars.
    I’m going to get killed for this, but the boys are worth it.

  9. stefy permalink
    2009/10/10 9:52 PM

    woah! **
    i really like this project! *___*
    i’m surely going to partecipate! ^^ i’ve sent the email! ^^
    congrats for the brilliant idea!

  10. timelapselifeline permalink
    2009/10/10 11:49 PM

    I’m a high school student and IDK If I can donate much but I will.
    $20 USD max… I live in New Zealand so the exchange rate is a little annoying!
    But I’ll try to donate… nah… I will!

    • Kei permalink*
      2009/10/11 4:03 PM

      Ah, Aoi is a university student, so we know what it’s like to be financially restricted. Thank you for supporting us, though!! Every little bit counts.

  11. Lily :-) permalink
    2009/10/11 1:06 AM

    Just sent you guys the email, I am glad I can be a part of this I love the boys to bits, Hope you guys dont mind I sent my email today , but I get paid wednesday next week >__< so I'll be donating through paypal next week using the reply emal you send me ^^

    • Kei permalink*
      2009/10/11 4:03 PM

      That’s perfectly ok! Our deadline isn’t even until December, so you’re fine. ^^ Thank you!

  12. karen permalink
    2009/10/11 1:40 AM

    i want to be a part of this proj for the boys…i’ll spare some amount that i can give..

    i will email the person above ryt?

    • Kei permalink*
      2009/10/11 4:04 PM

      That’s right, you just email the above address with the information needed, then we’ll give you the instructions on what to do next.

  13. 2009/10/11 10:08 AM

    I’m french schoolgirl, i want buy this ring too =DD haha

    • Kei permalink*
      2009/10/11 4:05 PM

      I just want you to understand, we’re not selling these rings for fans, we are gathering donations to buy them for DBSK. If you want to participate, please send us an email!! ^

  14. wackowacko711 permalink
    2009/10/11 1:54 PM

    This is such a good idea. I love it. Definitely will support. Just sent the e-mail. =D

    • Kei permalink*
      2009/10/11 4:06 PM

      Thanks so much!! Everyone who has been donating so far is amazing, even you. ❤

  15. Greenne permalink
    2009/10/11 10:12 PM

    OMG i <<
    is it okay even if i donate like 5-10 dollars? T-T
    this cause is so heartwarming!

    • Kei permalink*
      2009/10/11 10:36 PM

      You can donate ANY amount you want to! We even accepted 35cents, so $5 will be fine. ❤

  16. Debbie David permalink
    2009/10/11 11:23 PM

    Um,can i send the money through letter? And I want to know what is the adress…i don’t know how to send through e-mail…please reply me…:”{

    • Kei permalink*
      2009/10/11 11:38 PM

      Yes, you can send your donation through a letter as long as it’s in USD!
      If you just email us at we will be able to reply with our mailing address. We can only give it out that way to keep our privacy.

      • Debbie David permalink
        2009/10/12 4:04 AM

        thank you..i’ll try~~

  17. Angiie permalink
    2009/10/12 1:59 AM

    I’m definitely going to donate and help!

    Expect my money in 🙂

  18. Hani permalink
    2009/10/12 6:26 AM

    Hi!! I love the idea of getting these rings for DBSK. I think I’ll get ond done myself. Huhu! Hmmm… Is it possible to email the money? I don’t really have a pay pal account.

  19. Pangpond permalink
    2009/10/12 10:13 AM

    It’s such a great idea! I just email you with some questions so please reply me soon. I need to be part of this project.

    It’s exciting!

  20. Pandarrr permalink
    2009/10/12 4:13 PM

    What a cool idea! I’m definitely donating – just have to get around to sending that email. 😛

    You guys should include where the donators are from (country/region) so that they know the rings are from fans around the world. XD

  21. Daisy permalink
    2009/10/12 9:19 PM

    Sorry…i little bit not understand with this project… ^_^

    I’ll try to explain it…so must have anypay than our name will be in list, am i right?

    • 2009/10/14 11:31 AM

      donating to the project to help purchase these rings for them. there no set amount, every penny counts. go ahead and send us a email at and we get started from there. XD

  22. Aimee permalink
    2009/10/14 4:20 AM

    I like your idea very much.
    But how can I send money to you?
    I do not have credit card
    Can I send cash??

  23. sassychicks permalink
    2009/10/14 4:24 AM

    can I send cash? to which address?

  24. Rima permalink
    2009/10/19 8:46 AM

    If I am French can I donating some money ? But in Euro not in USD ? Because I really want to help and it’s for DBSK so… I want take part of this project 🙂

  25. 2009/10/21 9:06 AM

    Wow, another project! 😀 I really like this either since it’s so meaningful. I can only help a bit since I’ve been splurging on goodies and need to prepare a Brian project myself. =P

    Updated my previous Jay ad to a DBSK one for this project on my wackycashew and cashewmaniakpop wordpress blogs. ^^ I’d be interested in swapping links. Like, I can add you to my Blogroll and vice versa. XD

  26. Anne permalink
    2009/11/02 10:58 AM

    I want to know, is it still possible to donate, since you already reached your goal? 🙂

    • 2009/11/02 1:04 PM

      Yes, you can still donate. XD
      we are planning to get each boy individual gifts so please email us at if you haven’t done so. Thank You Anne! ❤

  27. Alex permalink
    2009/11/10 10:57 AM

    can i still donate? (11-9-09)

  28. DebBieSK DBSK Cassiopeia permalink
    2009/11/16 7:15 PM

    um..i already send my message to chaseourdreams@gmail…please check ur inbox…~~


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