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[Project] -Updates- Jay’s Postcard


[ Updates ] Project Jay’s Postcard

Aoi here, to give everyone an update on the project. Reminder for everyone that the deadline is Oct. 6th Oct 9th. Please get those letter in postmark before Oct. 6th Oct. 9th. But email us letting us know if there any difficulties.

So far the entries we got is above the 30s but let get more people shall we? Tell them even though the deadline is really close, just to email us and we can arrange something.

Here is an example of letters

from our lovely Rosanna ❤

*she wrote a lot! O_O but we think she awesome. much love to our Canadian Hottest!

Check out Lisa’s wordpress

for her letter. Lisa went super creative on us. XD Thank you for taking the time in supporting our project, loving the sidebar banner. ❤

So those are few example, BUT the letters dose not have to look like those. These are just example just to give you a general  idea of what other Hottest have done. I hope this help everyone!

Keep promoting the project guys and we thank you guys so much for participating in the project Jay would love it for sure.

Any concerns or issues please don’t hesitate to email us.



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  1. 2009/10/05 11:20 PM

    hey there.. i have done my postcard n already post it just now..i hope my postcard arrived at ur location exactly on the deadline…but i think my postcard might arrived late at ur location so i hope you wait for my postcard k?=0

    • 2009/10/05 11:23 PM

      No worries! there still be a few days after the deadline that i will still have the book with me. so i shall wait for it. ❤

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