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[Project] Jay’s Postcards


EXTENDED UNTIL OCT. 9th. Get in touch with us now and we will work something out!

I know many have wanted to show support for Jay through this tough time but it’s difficult to relay those feelings. We want to introduce a project for everyone! Project Jay’s Postcards. What we intend to do is collect letters of love & support from you, the fans, and compile them into a book for Jay. Hoping that when reading the letters, he will truly know that we will always be there for him.

If anyone can spare anything, a small donation to go towards the book and supplies, it would be highly appreciated.
– PayPal
– money order (at the sender’s risk, may be sent with letter)
– concealed cash (at the sender’s risk, may be sent with letter)


+ size: standard paper size (8 1/2 x 11)
+ Max. two (2) pages. one sided.
+ Handwritten. ( they truly will mean more handwritten than typed)
+ decorate the letter to your heart’s content.
+ no fangirling in letters, these are indeed letters of support.
***We will be monitoring the letters before we put them in the book to make sure there is no crazy fangirling and nothing inappropriate.
+ Please sent letter in a large envelope. DO NOT fold.

Number of entries? : endless. If we have to make two books, then it’s totally fine.

Our Ideal date will be two week from now. It seems kind of of quick but we would love to get them to him as soon as possible. With so many confusing and hurtful statements circling the net, we want to reassure him that we are still here, always fighting for him.

Deadline: Oct 6, 2009 Oct 9, 2009 at the latest.

We will be documenting everything and frequently updating on how everything is going.

If you do plan on joining us in this wonderful project please email us at for further instructions.

When emailing, please use use subject title: Project Postcards

So what are you waiting for?! Let’s show leadja that we are 110% behind him.

Don’t hesitate to ask questions.
You can always contact us! We don’t bite…that hard. ^^

If this is a huge success, 2PM’s postcards project will also be in the works.

Please let everyone and anyone know about this project. I will soon have banners so you can spread it like wild fire. We hope to hear from everyone soon!

Help us promote the project! By grabbing one of the banners and linking it back to us. Copy & paste. If any difficulties let us know. We will be glad to help out.

<a href=”; target=”_blank”><img src=””></a&gt;

<a href=”; target=”_blank”><img src=””></a&gt;

<a href=”; target=”_blank”><img src=””></a&gt;

Much Love & Respect,
Aoi & Kei
Project powered by: 2ONEDAY.COM

38 Comments leave one →
  1. lyndah permalink
    2009/09/22 12:53 AM

    heya guys how will u get it to Jay? Do u have connections to his address in Seattle?

    • Kei permalink*
      2009/09/22 1:03 AM

      We have a contact, a close friend, that lives in Seattle. She will be taking it to his family’s church since we don’t want to track down his address and disturb him at his house. There are other people who have taken gifts to the church and they are more than happy to pass them along for his fans. ^^

      • lyndah permalink
        2009/09/22 3:10 AM


        thank you!

  2. kim permalink
    2009/09/22 5:58 AM

    i’m definitely going to join this project~ i miss jaebeom so much~ T__T

    • Kei permalink*
      2009/09/22 11:13 AM

      Thank you so much! We really appreciate everyone’s support. Jaebeom and 2PM needs us right now. T_T

  3. 2009/09/22 6:18 AM

    joining the project!!~
    let me know if you need any help~
    i will spread the news around..
    jaebeom fighting!!~^^

    • Kei permalink*
      2009/09/22 11:14 AM

      Thank you!!! We wish for everyone to know about this project so it can be a huge success. The more letters we have, the bigger of an impact it will have for Jay. ^^

  4. Lee permalink
    2009/09/26 2:34 AM

    Hi! I have a question. Keke. I was wondering, how (or where) am I going to send the postcard to for compilation?

  5. Ling permalink
    2009/09/27 2:06 AM

    Sigh, am I being anal?
    I know chun and jae didn’t copyright “AKTF” but using it for Jaebeom too makes their inks feel insignificant. And I ain’t the only one.
    Don’t get me wrong, I’m fully behind Jaebeom but I just feel uncomfortable that Hottest are using AKTF too. DDD:

    • Kei permalink*
      2009/09/27 9:40 AM

      We apologize for the confusion, but we are in no way associating the “AKTF” phrase with Jay’s project at all. It’s simply just the title of our blog. This blog, to be exact, is going to be the home of hopefully many future projects for many different groups/bands that we love and that phrase will always stay there because it is very uplifting and inspirational, no matter who or what we are referring to.
      Always just keep in mind that it is ONLY a phrase/quote, no matter who “created” it. Just because it’s associated with one person/group doesn’t mean we can’t use it for another. No one in this world would have amazing quotes/phrases if the world worked that way! “Always keep the faith” is indeed very appropriate for this situation with Jay regardless…are we NOT supposed to have faith that he will come back to us?
      Anyway, I digress. Sorry for the confusion and if you can tell “the others” that you mentioned as well, that would be appreciated.

      Both Aoi and myself are die-hard fans of DBSK, true Cassiopeia at heart. In fact, my favorite member is Jaejoong and hers is Yuchun. ^^

      • 2009/09/27 9:56 AM

        …Ling, Im a diehard fan too and Yunho is my husband, so its ok.
        But to not get in a mess with no-2pm cassies, why dont we use Junsu’s cyword words? hehe. Just a thought.
        Anyhow…do we just email u for ur address so we can send the letter to and do I just donate to that same adress?

      • kay permalink
        2009/09/27 10:00 AM

        OH dude, hope u understood me. I totally didnt make sense. I’ll just email u now.

  6. wackycashew permalink
    2009/09/27 6:06 AM

    I’ll join this project. I’ve been wanting to send Jay a letter. I did it as part of a Facebook project, but I think that might have gone to JYPE, so I’m not sure if Jay will get it. If Jay will get this for sure, then I wanna join. =D By the way, since it’s two pages max per person one-sided, is it ok for me to send in a one-page letter one-sided + a one-page drawing one-sided that I’ve done? ^^

    • Kei permalink*
      2009/09/27 9:41 AM

      That’s perfectly fine! As long as it’s two one-sided pages and within the size guidelines, then go right ahead. ^^

      • wackycashew permalink
        2009/09/27 3:49 PM

        Awesome! Thank you!! I’m excited about this. =D Heehee~ I’ll make a lil’ ad to post on the sidebar of my blog when I have a chance. ^^

  7. 2009/09/27 2:43 PM

    I am definitely taking part! ^^

  8. 2009/09/28 7:34 PM

    I finished writing my letter today. ^^ Just gotta decorate it tomorrow and drop it in the mail. =D I posted a lil’ ad on my wackycashew wordpress blog as well. Hope we’ll get lots of interest in this project.

    • Kei permalink*
      2009/09/28 10:41 PM

      Thank you! Every little thing helps us. ❤
      We look forward to your letter!!

  9. Claire permalink
    2009/09/30 3:20 PM

    definitely willing to join in on this when i find the time out of tennis and college applications to write a heartfelt letter for jay ❤ you guys are greatt, keep up the goodd work!

    • 2009/09/30 6:18 PM

      Thank you Claire! Good luck with college app. i know they’re such a pain. XD

      Don’t forget it send us an email for the address if you haven’t already.

  10. 2009/09/30 11:20 PM

    hey there…can you tell me ur address?i wanna send the postcard…hope jae like it..i take 3 days to think how to make that postcard unique…hehee…

    • 2009/10/01 5:22 PM

      Hey Catherine!
      Please email us for the address if you haven’t yet. We give you the address there.

      – Aoi

  11. 2009/10/02 8:02 AM

    Gosh.I would love to join this project…but seeing the dateline…i don’t think i’ll be able to…

    • Kei permalink*
      2009/10/02 11:59 AM

      Go ahead and drop us a line at and we would definitely be more than happy to work something out. We want everyone to be able to participate in this! <33

  12. 2009/10/03 11:53 AM

    OMG, wanna join this project but … we’re the 3.10 ~ Only 3 days left. T.T

  13. 2009/10/04 6:10 AM

    I tried to send you an e-mail but it said it didn’t work so i post here. Hope it’s not a problem.

    where should i send the post card ? Btw, i’m from France, do you think it will take a lot of days if i send it ? cause the dateline is the 9.10 T_T

    P.S : i’m sorry for my poor english T.T

    • 2009/10/04 4:52 PM

      Please post your email here and we will email you our address. and talk further more about everything.

      • 2009/10/05 9:53 AM

        Yep, i finished my postcard, where should i send it ? ^^

        Thank you so much for making this project, you rox ~

  14. niyunhae permalink
    2009/10/04 1:33 PM

    Gahh I hope im not too late T.T Definately want to join!! I just sent you guys an email. I’ve wanted to write him a letter ever since I found out about khottest fan letters to Jaebum. Thanks for making this happen ^-^

    • Kei permalink*
      2009/10/08 1:31 AM

      Thanks for emailing us! If Aoi hasn’t replied yet, she definitely will for sure. Thank you supporting us!

  15. Chloé permalink
    2009/10/07 1:18 PM

    I just found your site ! I live in France and it is too late to participate in the project but I wanted to support you and say thank you for your work, is really great. Sorry for my poor English I used a translator so I don’t know what it will give ! Good luck

    And JAY FIGHTING ^^ !!!

  16. Grace permalink
    2009/10/10 11:43 PM

    aww! i didn’t know about this until now 😦
    i would have totally done ittt!!!
    i hope he gets this and reads all of them 🙂
    great support guys!

  17. 2009/09/30 6:16 PM

    Lisa, the letter looks awesome can’t wait to actually see it! thank you so much for helping us promote the project. just totally awesome! ❤


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