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[Blog-Updates] 2010 – 01 – 11


We ( Aoi + Kei ) will be changing up a few things. This will still be our project wordpress but we also decide to add more features! We will try to keep everyone update on KPOP & JROCK+JPOP etc…

* Sorry for all the delay in things, a lot of unexpected things happen to both Kei and I. We had to step away for a while to recuperate. But all the matter is that we’re back!

+ Projects
We have a lot more to announce and present to everyone so keep a look out for them.

– Current Projects
Are completed. Thanks to everyone that particpated!

For the extra money we had from the Chain of faith project will be use for another TVXQ related project that we will bring up very soon, so if you donated don’t worry the money is still safe and only used for TVXQ.

– Thus we will have photos soon.

So I am excited to bring these news to you and thanks for following us thus far.

+ Radio

Kei and I are radio DJs over at so be sure to check us out when you get the chance to.

Winter Schedule
Saturday 7pm- 10pm
Sunday 8:30pm -11pm

All time are PST

+ Petition
If you have not sign it yet, what are you waiting for!? seriously lets get the boys of FT Island here to the states!

You can by click the banner on the left side under petition.

We are still make changes and fixing everything so please bare with us and soon enough we will have this up and moving.

Thanks again for everyone support!

Keep a  look out for more updates!

much love & respect,
Aoi + Kei




[Project] Update ~ Chain of Faith -DBSK-



Time for a much needed update, correct? Is everyone wondering what’s going on? I, Aoi, would like to apologize for the lack of updates. I hit a brick wall awhile ago and only recently managed to pick myself up, little by little. Slowly I will be well again.

Alright, lets get down to it shall we?

Major changes;

[First] We all know the heated issues rising between SME and DBSK/TVXQ and we believe it might be a little difficult for us to pass our gifts to the boys in Korea right now. No worries, we made other arrangements! Since AVEX announced that their schedule will be un-changed in Japan, we decided to get in contact with a friend over there to pass along our gifts. Either way, they will receive these precious gifts from us. ~ We will placing the order for the rings this week.

[Second] Not so long ago, we posted a poll about what to do with the extra money we made. After leaving the poll up for the month of October and part of November , we finally decided to go with what the poll demands and purchase other gifts for each of our lovely boys. While taking a long time trying to figure out what to get each boy and researching (when I should be studying keke) we finally came up with the best gifts we thought they would enjoy.

For Junsu :

For Yoochun :

For Jaejoong :

For Changmin :

For Yunho :

Please leave feedback!

[Third] Here is our dilemma; in order for us to purchase these gifts ,we need to raise about another $200 (which include supplies and shipping of course.) You might be asking what about the previous extra money we made… well it only covered about half of the total calculated cost for these extra gifts. ><

SECOND GOAL : $200,  which includes all supplies and shipping from USA.

Deadline : December 1, 2009 (if we reach our goal before that, we will order and send the gifts sooner)

Donation Options:

PayPal (NOTE: PayPal does take out a small fee when using a debit/credit card)
Concealed Cash (USD – at sender’s risk)
Money Order (USD – at sender’s risk)

Title Subject: Chain of faith – DBSK
Content: The name you want to appear on our list and the amount you will donate.

DO NOT send donations through PayPal using the above email. We will send you the correct address after we receive your initial email to us.

Don’t hesitate to ask questions.
You can always contact us!

Please help to promote this wonderful project by grabbing one of our banners. If you do, please let us know and we can also exchange  links.

I have took the time to make new banners (signature size), Please let me know if you need help placing these up. I’ll be glad to help you.

<a href=; target=”_Blank”><img src=””></a&gt;

<a href=”; target=”_Blank”><img src=””></a&gt;

<a href=”; target=”_Blank”><img src=””></a&gt;

<a href=”” target=”_Blank”><img src=”“></a>

<a href=”
” target=”_Blank”><img src=””></a&gt;


~ Aoi & Kei

[Project] Letters from Cassiopiea ~Love Melody~


Our good friends over at O! has a new project! So be sure to check it out if you haven’t read or heard about it yet.

Calling all musically-talented international TVXQ fans! O! has been in contact with the Korean Cassiopeian in-charge of “LOVE MELODY,” their 1st single album.

Brief Introduction of the Love Melody Project:

Members of Cassiopeia have produced a single entitled LOVE MELODY – Letters from Cassiopeia. The title track of this single is called LOVE MELODY. Uniquely, this single is available for purchase. The proceeds from the sales of the single will be given to charity. Every single step in the arrangement of the music, to the writing of lyrics, to the production of the single, it was all made by Cassiopeia. So now, they are moving on to working on a proper album that will be given to TVXQ.

『 Youtube Video – Cassiopeia’s Letter’s Daum Cafe 』

Fortunately for all of us, they have given O! the chance to coordinate this project for the international fans on their behalf. They have agreed to include one song from us, international fans, into the album. We have been told that it would be more meaningful if we joined. ♥


So how is this going to work?

For more information on who to submit compostion to please head over to O! ~ CLICK HERE

☆ What they’re looking for:
– An ORIGINAL composition/music arrangement (without the lyrics)
– Average song length: Around 3:40
– Format: MP3
☆ Deadline: One week from now, 2nd November 2009
☆ PM your Final Composition to:
‘Lovedust – PM or ɐıuɐɯǝǝʇ -PM

We will be assessing all the entries and pick the top 3 best compositions to be sent to our Korean counterpart. You are allowed to send in more than one composition. We know that’s a very tight deadline, but its the date we’ve been given and they need to be on point with their own production schedule. ^^;

Bring out the budding composer in you!

Hopefully you guys take a part in this!

Love & Respect,
Aoi & Kei

[Project] Update~ Jay’s Postcards – complete –



Photos of the whole book.

I know some are blurry and I apologize I been working on this since 1pm and finally finished around 11pm. Many cuts, ink marks, and burn marks while working on this. XD So my hands aren’t really steady right now.

There was another delay since I got worst since the last post. I’m doing much better but not up to the standard that I want to be. The cover, some of the metal words had fallen off and wont stick anymore T-T lame glue gun. But Dreams & Believe were the only words that didn’t fall off. Its a sign everyone! lol

Here are the photos each page from Front to Back. Enjoy! We will be getting it send out by this week. Again I apologize for the delay.

Thanks everyone for participating youre all just amazingly awesome. ❤

~ Aoi

[Project] -Update- Re: Chain of Faith..


Hey Everyone!


Thank everyone who have participated and donated!

WE successful reach our goal plus more!

so we have another proposal for you.

with the  extra money we have we decide to make a poll and have you guys make the final decision.

The Final Deicison is Yours! Please choose out of the following…
A.) another gift for each boy. ( individuals gifts to their liking, clothes, hats, accessories… does not have to be the same thing.. etc.)
B.) use for birthday gifts for each boy. ( Junsu is coming up, with Joongie, Minnie & Yunnie coming up also)
C.) future DBSK projects.

View Results

Create a MySpace Poll

If choosing A or B please drop us some suggestions for gifts by either emailing or posting us a comment.

****Everyone that donated will be on the list regardless of how much we went over. XD

once again Thank you to everyone! please vote!!

P.S. If you have sent donation thru snail mail let me know so i can calculate the grand total and see how much we got to spend.

++++ Since we are to probably get another gift for the boys please continue to donate!

Love & Respect,


[Project/Pic]-Update- Jay’s Postcard


Hey Everyone!

Aoi here!! I apologize for the lack there of, of updates. Its been quite a rough week for me. I’m finally getting over the illness….not really but well enough to continue to working  on Jay’s book. I have receive quite a few letters but I honestly don’t know which letter go to which email, so if you sent a letter and I haven’t sent an email saying I have received it please let me know! I seriously have gone delirious for the past week XD.

Anyways, right now just to let everyone know that I am still working on it but here is the cover of the book. XD Tomorrow or maybe Thursday I will have the inside done so I can post what the inside looks like and ready to ship out.

I really wanna take the time to thank everyone for participating in this project. We love you all and for sure Jay will cherish this.

I hope no one feel discourage! Seriously I apologize, didn’t think I end up getting ill. T-T Forgive me! XD

Love &  Respect,
Aoi ~ chase our dreams